Warner Bros. Pictures presents a cavalcade of DC Comics' characters including Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Joker (Jared Leto)  on a covert government mission to combat an even deadlier foe. Director David Ayer brought the super-villain spectacle to life with visual effects supervisor Jerome Chen...

"Mammal Studios did what we called 'battle embers' of Enchantress in the final fight. Mammal did a great job, art-directing embers shot by shot. At that point in the schedule, there wasn't time to do 3D Houdini-style effects, so we created most of those effects in 2D Nuke layers. The orange streaking colors added so much to the monochromatic palette - they gave the scene an extra kick and made Enchantress seem more dynamic."

You can read the entire article about the visual effects in 'Suicide Squad' in Cinefex #149