Mammal Helps Rap God Eminem

Mammal Studios has completed look development and final delivery of 95 shots for Detroit rapper Eminem's latest video single Rap God from his platinem MMLP2 album.

Mammal Visual Effects Supervisor Gregory Liegey said, "This job required a team effort from the Mammal crew because of the creative challenges and the short schedule. I'm proud of what they did in such a demanding time-frame. It helps that Director Rich Lee has a great working knowledge of visual effects and a clear vision for the shots."

Fellow Mammal Visual Effects Supervisor Gregory Oehler provided crucial look development and execution for some of the innovative concepts sketched out by Lee. Speaking about the project in Mammal's Hollywood office, "With such a short turnaround from look development to delivery, there's little time to experiment. Experience pays dividends on projects like this - needing to define a look while creating deliverables... it's like hitting a home run on every pitch".

The video debuts on November 27

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